Bonchon Chicken

My latest design, Bonchon’s new website is live now!

CSS Transparan Ayari (CSS Transparency Settings)

Nerdeyse butun web tarayıcılarinda calisan, kolay bir kod.

.transparent { zoom: 1; filter: alpha(opacity=50); opacity: 0.5; }

Chris Coyier’in blogundan orijinal yaziyi okuyabilirsiniz.

Istanbul Yankees @ New York

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)


Great Design by Gert van Duinen

Catering is Back in Business: Return to Growth

Get ready for the return of catering. It may not be the golden age but 2010 experienced a 9% growth over the previous year, and 2011 and 2012 are expected to produce similar increases.

Restaurant Trends for ’11: The Changing Attitudes of Customers

Business conditions for restaurants are in flux. The economy has disrupted business as usual so restaurants need to account for a different business climate in the immediate future. Indeed the following list is based on a customer survey, while customer perception may not be as exact as it appears.

The Facebook Send Button: What it Means to Restaurants

Matt wrote a very nice article about the new Facebook Send Button. Must read if you are interested in online marketing.

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Lokal Bistro

I was at Lokal Bistro